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Stand out for Epiphany

Creator and manufacturer of ArtFun Porcelain miniatures and Crowns for Kingscakes. 

Our passionate team is at the service of bakers to optimize Epiphany with premium quality, an innovative concept, and unique porcelain miniatures and crown creations. Affirm your Epiphany campaign with the ArtFun range!

ArtFun - French Creator and Manufacturer of Epiphany porcelain miniatutres for Artisans, Bakers, Pastry Makers  

Offer an exceptional moment 

Tender Herbarium Trees                     Porcelain charms

I Can not – The Porcelain of Kings

Exotic Epiphany !

Wild Animals - Porcelain charms

The Kings of Savannah –  Porcelain charms

At the hear of the kings cakes and news

Football Club – The Porcelaine Miniatures Licence

Monuments of Paris – The Porcelain miniatures of the Kings

Subtle sweetness of a porcelain miniatures

Lifestyle Animals –The Golden Porcelain Miniatures

Under the Tropics –The Porcelain Miniature of Kings

Gold for the Queens and the Kings

Gold Emoticon  - Porcelain gold charms 

Monuments of Europe – Golden Porcelain miniatures

The king cake in great conviviality

Classic Mobile - Porcelain Miniature of the Kings

On the Hats of Weels - Porcelain charms

An epiphany in all elegance

Blue Ming – Porcelain charms

Ladies - Porcelain charms

A Jewel in the king cake

Animals of China – Porcelaine charms

Rising Sun - Porcelain charms

The porcelain charms, a precious memory

Animoscope - Porcelain charms

Circus - Porcelain charms

Harmony of porcelain miniatures and crowns

Marco Polo, the Silk Road – Porcelain charms

Love Story - Porcelain charms

Enhance your kings cakes 

Cocorico & Co - Porcelain charms

So Scottish - Porcelain charms

Bubbly Epiphany !

Emoticonworld - Porcelain charms of the Kings

Emoticon - Porcelain charms

Domed and sweet ships

King Queen - Porcelain charms

The Legendary V2 - Porcelain miniatures Licence

For the pleasure of the children and grown ups

Little Penguins – Porcelain charms

Flakes, Snow King - Porcelain charms

ArtFun - Your Porcelain miniatures manufacturer Machine for Epiphany and Crowns for Pastries or Kingscakes

ArtFun is a company specialising in the creation and manufacture of Porcelain miniatures for Epiphanie and crowns to decorate your Kingscakes . We offer a wide selection of crowns and Porcelain miniature of collection; these are fashioned by us. The decorations you will find on our porcelain miniatures are laid by hand. We are proud to produce high quality of Porcelain miniatures for Epiphanie as well as innovative and timeless kingscakes crowns, such as our greaseproof and always IMPECCABLE Kings Crowns.

ArtFun - Vente en gros d'accessoires de Galettes des Rois, d'articles pour l'Epiphanie,
Couronnes et Fèves pour les Artisans, Boulangers, Pâtissiers

Wholesale of articles for Epiphany, Crowns and Porcelain miniatures , for Artisans, Bakers, Pastry-cooks

ArtFun is also your wholesaler of porcelain porcelain miniatures and food carton crowns for Epiphany. We offer a wide selection of products for the Epiphany to buy wholesale or Mini Batch. You will find our porcelain miniatures and Crowns for Galettes in batches of 40, 100, 300 or 1000 pieces with degressive rates designed for professionals that you are, artisans, bakers and pastry chefs. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about your French creator in Epiphany porcelain miniatures and Crowns for Kings Cakes.